Embryo Transfer and Artificial Insemination - how can these help the small alpaca farm?
Dr. Stephen Hull
The advantages and disadvantages of embryo transfer (ET) and artificial insemination will be discussed.  Embryo transfer, for many years, has now been routine in cattle and other livestock.  In particular, the advantage of ET for the small alpaca farm will be highlighted.  Procedures, drugs, time, necessary supplies and veterinary assistance will be discussed.  Artificial insemination is not as useful in camelids and its problems/issues will be discussed.   Lots of time for questions both public and privately after seminar.
Sit for a bit, enjoy lunch and learn about this exciting technology.
Steve's background:  As an undergraduate (Animal and Veterinary Sciences), Steve was trained in both ET and AI some 40 years ago.  He is thoroughly familiar with the procedures and procedures.  After completing his doctorate and fellowships, he taught reproductive endocrinology to medical and other health students at the Oklahoma University College of Medicine and scores of other medical institutions.  As an alpaca speaker, Steve has given hundreds of seminars both domestically and internationally.  Not a "dry' boring" speaker, Steve can cut through jargon and make the concepts easy to understand.

Seminar is Saturday at noon, and includes a delicious box lunch. Price, including lunch, is $35. Please register online.